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Executive Communications Guru

Executive Communications Guru

Neil Farquharson discussed email protection along with the significance of using security methods to safeguard employee emails throughout his presentation on the 2015 Chief Information Security guard Leadership Lunch in Dallas on Oct. 21. As part of his presentation, Farquharson noted that today's organizations should have approaches to protect employee emails that they'll access from other cellular devices without notice.

technology spokesperson

According to Farquharson, data breaches are fast-becoming common for organizations of any size. However, he noticed that password management tools can help a corporation safeguard its sensitive data. Farquharson also said email encryption technologies may help a business safeguard employee emails against malware, viruses along with other cyber threats: "Everybody within this network is already being paid by some form of central authority. We realize when we send a message to a person else from the community of trust, we could trust them if you like. And this is what�s meant by transparent email encryption."

Farquharson remarked that transparent encryption is essential, particularly for organizations that have implemented bring-your-own-device policies. With transparent encryption, he was quoted saying organizations can secure employee emails without impacting employee productivity: "With transparent encryption, the person with the other end receives the e-mail that's already in debt box and are able to read nice easily. And also the only thing that�s giving out it's encrypted during transit through the proper Internet is the blue banner or something like that depending upon the banner that you choose that says �this e-mail was encrypted while in transit.
Mr. Farquharson takes technical subjects and distills them on to easily understandable summarized forms. An ancient soldier, engineer and processes manager, he relocated in the U.K. on the U.S. in 2003. Since then, he's been a consistent speaker advertising security and telecoms events.
He holds degrees through the University of Glasgow along with the University of Texas at Dallas. He lives in Dallas together with his wife and children.

Post by technologyspokesman2 (2017-02-12 23:51)

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